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Welcome to the Glen!

A study center promoting reflection and practical engagement with the gospel


Located in Durham County, NC, the Glen is the home base for all Experience Reality activities. In the Spirit of hospitality, at The Glen everyone is welcome to experience the reality of Christ's love for every person. This happens through shared activities of Bible teaching, preaching, spoken word, home-cooked meals and community worship. Take advantage of a sacred space to soak in the goodness of the Triune God and to dialogue around hearth and table about the central question concerning Jesus Christ and what difference he makes in the lives of human beings. Events and activities are organized by Glen director, Jeff McSwain, Ph.D.



In keeping with the Mission of Experience Reality Inc, the Glen is a retreat and study center vision for the purpose of spiritual formation and encouragement in the practical living of a Christ-centered life.


The Glen provides a beautiful setting where people can discover the beauty of the gospel. The thirty-five acre property is wrapped snuggly by hundreds of acres of environmentally protected land.

Enjoy a place of welcome and rest.

From sunrise

To sunset

Enjoy God's Beautiful World! 

Find Respite at the Lodge

Where you can relax in a rocker

and take in the view

Or cozy up in the warm confines 

We are excited to announce our campaign to renovate the farmhouse.
Our architect's drawings are now being unveiled!

The Glen is also ideal for times of solitude and reflection. Walk the property and perch on a bench to contemplate God’s beautiful world.

As for off-site adventure, miles of hiking trails are available directly from The Glen, including access to the North Carolina’s Mountains to Sea trail. Also, in less than five minutes we can drop you off fully equipped for kayaking or canoeing on the meandering Eno River. If you need a ride “home,” just give us a call!

You might even be fortunate enough to run into a Blue Heron on the river!

Digging Deeper...

The Glen is consecrated for the proclaiming of the gospel of Jesus Christ, the Creator who became a creature, the One who provides the best possible expression of the sacrificial, others’-centered, unconditional love of God for every human being.

The central question—who is Jesus Christ and who are we in Christ—naturally ushers us to the how questions:


  • How does Christ-centered theology drive ministry practice and ministry practice reflect Christ-centered theology?

  • How are we to understand that “Christ is our life” (Col 3:4) in the realm of interpersonal relationships and gospel expressions of social justice?

  • How should the Church engage with the world?

  • How can we be led by the Holy Spirit to be part of the solution regarding polarizing challenges, from racial justice to stewarding the environment?

We will search the Old and New Testament scriptures with an eye towards more deeply grasping God’s transformational answer: the grace and truth of “Jesus Christ and him crucified” (1 Cor 2:2). Our team hopes that when you leave the Glen, you will feel illuminated and invigorated!



Are you ready?

Consider joining us for our first Experience Reality retreat: 

November 2024

Our Theme: "I am the gate" John 10:9

Contact Us


If you are interested in more information about The Glen, please add your information to our e-news list. Periodic emails from The Glen will include information
about upcoming public events, registration and accommodation.

Experience Reality Inc. is a 501c3 non-profit organization. All gifts to Experience Reality Inc. are tax deductible. Please click the button below for ways to donate.

Jeff at first sunrise - and the day Susan named it The Glen

The Glen honors the legacy of Mal and Wanda McSwain

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